Leveraging our vast experiences in Family Businesses we support family businesses to focus on addressing key issues such as; Strategic Planning, Succession Planning, Generational Transitions, Commercial decisions. Developing visions missions and goals, Growth and preserving/ enhancing founder’s legacies.

Working Together To Build Successful Family Businesses

Sasema leverage’s our various family business experiences in order to support families to:

  • Proactively solve challenges: “Solutions are better than cures”
  • We offer solutions to families on alignment of all aspects of the family and business including the role and importance of various governance structures, their vision, mission, values and ownership

We focus on addressing key issues such as succession and structuring to enable families to build successful multi-generational businesses, that will leave lasting legacies.

Our Approach

We take a holistic approach to a wide variety of activities including:

  • Proactive family coaching
  • Assessments and interviews
  • Family council and board development
  • Family meeting facilitation
  • Conflict Management
  • Financial and business strategy
  • Succession planning

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