M&A Advisory

Through our extensive local, regional and global networks, investment advisory activities and access to successful and well-established family businesses in the region, we act as the gateway for multinationals looking for a foothold in Sub-Sahara Africa.

Sasema offers transaction advise via our out-sourced M&A services as well as working with local businesses that are seeking global strategic operating partners through our sell-side M&A offering. Over the last 10 years, we have been involved in numerous transactions ranging from USD 2mm to USD 200mm.

Our experienced team will provide you with valuable insights and assist you in:

Out-sourced M&A Advisory

  • Leading the sell-side/buy-side transaction process
  • Developing and formulating M&A strategies
  • Identifying suitable M&A partners
  • Identify, screen and initiate discussions with potential acquisition targets
  • Carry out commercial due diligence on potential targets
  • Indicative valuation of targets, structuring M&A transactions
  • Negotiating ideal transaction terms and ensuring a successful deal closure

Sell-side M&A advisory

  • Developing strategic business plan and financial modeling & analysis
  • Preparing information memorandum, indicative valuations
  • Identifying and securing suitable investors (strategic funding partners and / or strategic operating partners)
  • Leading the negotiation process and ensuring a timely, win-win deal closure

Our Clients